Programs & Services

All services at MRC are free of charge. We welcome all those who identify as male age 16 years old and up to use our programs and services. Please click a title below to jump to that program/service's description.

Accessing Services

The best way to connect with MRC services is by calling the office at 204-415-6797 during business hours to schedule an Orientation Session. Orientation sessions provide an overview of the programs and services offered at MRC. After the Orientation Session an Intake and Assessment session is necessary to register for services and programs. Men are then referred to the next step in acquiring access to Individual or Group Therapy Services. Some clients may be referred to other organizations to better meet their needs or when MRC programs are filled to capacity.

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Group Therapy

MRC provides various groups throughout the year on a range of topics chosen in response to the needs of the men accessing the Centre. Groups run for 6-8 weeks. Sessions are weekly and approximately 2 hours in length.
Common Groups offered include:

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Short Term Therapy

Short Term Therapy is for men experiencing particularly difficult times and in need of some support to feel less overwhelmed, redirect themselves and empowered to transform.

The average Short Term Therapy episode will run up to 8 sessions in weekly or biweekly sessions that last approximately one (1) hour in length. In these sessions, you and the therapist will explore the impact of stressors in everyday life, options to improve wellbeing, and ways to move towards the goal(s) that you established with the therapist.

Our therapists encourage growth and change for our clients and assist them in reaching their goal(s) through developing the skills they need to be empowered in their lives.

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Emergency Shelter Program

Emergency Shelter is available for all men (and their children) across Manitoba who are fleeing from their intimate partner or family member due to abuse and violence. If you need to use our Emergency Shelter Program please call us Monday to Friday during business hours at 204-415-6797 extension 207 or come to the Men's Resource Centre at  115 Pulford Street in the Osborne Village area of Winnipeg. If you need assistance and it is outside of business hours, please call:

Manitoba Domestic Violence Crisis Phone Line
Toll-Free:  1-877-977-0007

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MCSA — Male Childhood Sexual Abuse Therapy Program

The MSCA Counselling Program is provided to men who were sexually abused as children and want to resolve the long-term effects of the abuse. The program offers individual therapy services consistent with the clinical model. This service is a one (1) year program. Please note: There can be a wait to access these services. MRC therapist will explain more about this process and what services are accessible in the meantime.

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