Why we are here…

We believe that traditional counselling settings have been heavily focused on accommodating women and children to a point where many men may find themselves uncomfortable and unable to form a connection in that setting. The Men's Resource Centre of Manitoba is one of only a few male-focused resource centres in Canada.

We have programs and services that address the unbalance in traditional therapy and counselling settings by focusing on men and their experiences. Our mandate is to provide free counselling services for men ages 16 and up in a way that feels comfortable and familiar to them. We provide support for a diverse range of topics: challenges in daily living, making choices, issues with partners and children, substance abuse, and the rarely spoken about traumas that can have long lasting repercussions.

While the stereotype is that all men are strong and in control, we acknowledge that feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness happens to all men. Poor choices can often lead to violence and aggressive behaviours which have a negative impact on the man and the people in his life. We welcome men from all walks of life to the Men's Resource Centre. The MRC is a non-violence environment making it a place of safety when men come to visit us. We believe that by supporting men to make changes in their life, not only will men benefit, but their family, children and all of us who live in their community will as well.

Objectives & Goals of MRC

Our Mission Statement

The Men's Resource Centre is a program of The Laurel Centre that provides supportive and therapy services to men who have experienced trauma and stressors in their lives including intimate and family violence.

Our Values and Beliefs