Men's Resource Centre of Manitoba

Since the beginning of therapy, much of counselling has been directed at accomodating the needs of women and children, leaving many men feeling uncomfortable in counselling. However, due to social and economic changes in the recent decades, men are beginning to increasingly accesss supportive therapeutic services.

Our approach has been to provide free counselling to men in a manner that feels comfortable and familiar to men. We aim to provide men with support on a range of issues - some that men talk about all the time and some that men will talk to very few about. This may include "dropping in" to a counsellor (rather than set appointment times). We know that when men are ready to open up, there needs to be somebody there willing to listen; otherwise, it can be all too easy for him not to try a second time.

We recognize tht men often experience themselves as powerless and vulnerable, while at the same time recognizing that men commit most of the violences against other people.

The Men's Resource Centre of Manitoba provides a safe environment & support services for men who have experienced stressors and trauma in their lives.  We believe that by supporting men to make changes in their life, not only will men benefit, but their family, chilldren and all of us who live in their community will as well.

The Men's Resource Centre of Manitoba sees males aged 16 and above. 

Please join us for International Men's Day